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Did you know Mini has won the top award at the Buinesscar Magazine Awards? They've been titled 'Supermini Of The Year' for a consecutive 12 years

The British Motor Corporation introduced the Mini as a small economy car in 1959, and its successors have reinvented and revamped the Mini since it’s production. Mini cars are now owned by BMW and are mass-produced by the BMW owned Rover Group, who also own Rover (oddly enough) and MG, all of which are globally famous. The Mini itself has distinguished itself from the Rover Group however, and is widely known as the most popular British car to date with its recognizable tiny design across over 2 million cars, and though we say it’s tiny, it has been found that you can fit a staggering 24 people in one Mini, others argue it’s in fact an entire 66! Ouch!

Since BMW ownership, the key plants for the Mini have been spread across the nation, in placed like Cowley, Swindon, and Birmingham. It has been found that for every 4000 BMW employees, up to 800 cars are manufactured each day, adding up to 240,000 cars a year. That’s a lot of batteries!

If you buy your Mini Cooper S car battery from us today, or any other Mini car battery from us we promise you quality service and incredible prices, making your replacement car battery cheaper and to your door faster. But wait, there’s more! Our website gives access to downloadable fittings guides for those who have their car batteries already, free and accessible to everybody at any time you please. Why would you want to get your cheap car battery anywhere else!?

Interesting facts about Mini

  • In 1991 Autocar and Motor magazine called the Mini the greatest car of all time. In 1995 Autocar magazine called it the car of the century.
  • In 1996 Classic & Sports Car magazine called the Mini the Number One Classic Car of All Time.
  • An online worldwide poll in 1999 awarded the Mini European ‘Car of the Century’ status and the car won second place for Global Car of the Century.
  • 1961 saw the much-loved Morris Minor become the first British vehicle to sell a million. By 1969 they’d passed the ‘two million cars produced’ mark.
  • The Mini’s designer, Mr Issigonis, first doodled the Mini’s famous design on the back of a paper napkin.
  • The American actor and Anglophile Kevin Spacey spent $130,000 on the last ever Mini Cooper to drive off the production line.

To find out more about Mini and read up on even more fun facts, check out their website!

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