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Founded in Japan, Honda has been on the go since 1959, bringing the world a huge selection of cars and motorcycles. Funnily enough, they are also the world’s leading providers of internal combustion engines and are involved with artificial intelligence and robots! The first ever Honda car was produced in 1963, and since then business has boomed as Honda has become one of the most recognized companies across the globe.

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With assembly plants across America, Japan and China, and 14 million units being made every year, it comes as no surprise that Honda, being the biggest manufacturer in the world, has provided the public with a wide variety of cars and automobiles, so finding the right Honda car battery just got that little bit harder… or not!

Car Batteries UK promise you a new car battery at astonishing prices and unbeatable service that includes free next day delivery and 24 hour access to our fitting guides, that teach you how to change a car battery, meaning the task of car battery replacement is so much simpler! So buy your replacement car battery with us today, and don’t miss out!

Did you know Honda recently set a world record for the fastest lawn mower ever? ‘The Mean Mower’ travels at up to 116mph

Interesting facts about Honda

  • Honda is worth as much as Ford and General Motors combined
  • Honda’s Civic Hybrid arrived in 2003, complete with batteries designed to last as long as the car itself
  • The regular Civic has appeared on What Magazine’s 10 Best List, 6 times in fact. Wow!
  • Honda is one of the most popular foreign car marques in the USA
  • They have numerous manufacturing plants in the USA
  • The Preludes was the world’s first ever four wheel drive car
  • The first ever foreign car made in the US was the Accord
  • The Accord appeared in Car and Driver Magazine’s Top 10 Car List a whopping 27 times. A real record-breaker!

For more fun facts about Honda cars and motors, check out their website!

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