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The Ford Motor Company, or just Ford, is probably one of the most famous car manufacturers in the world, having factories and penetration into all classes and markets on every inhabited continent on Earth.


The company was started and ultimately incorporated in 1903 by Henry Ford in 1903. As well as selling cars, vans and haulage units under the Ford banner, the company also sells luxury cars under the Lincoln brand while also owning shares, to varying degrees of control, in many other vehicle manufacturing brands.


One of the reasons that the Ford brand is so famous is the fact that Henry Ford perfected the production line process. Production lines had been tried before, with limited success, however, it was at Ford’s Detroit factory that the process of giving one person one place to stand and one thing to do that meant that each ford car could be build from parts in a matter of minutes while other manufacturers were taking days, or even weeks to build each unit. At one point, in 1908 Ford had so many vehicles on the road that it was estimated that half of all cars were of his Model T. Even today, among vintage car collectors, the Model T fetches surprisingly low prices because it is still so easy to get hold of.


Today Ford is only second to General Motors in the US and fifth largest auto-manufacturer in Europe and the rest of the world. They produce on average 5.5million cars each year and currently employ approximately 213,000 people in 90 plants and offices world-wide.


When Ford started producing cars, they had to be started by turning a crank. Not only was this difficult and inconvenient, it was dangerous too. Standing immediately in front of the car when the engine fires up hazardous to say the least. Not only was there the risk of being run over by your own car, the crank handle could easily continue turning if the car backfired, easily breaking wrists, arms, legs or any other body part that could come into the handle’s orbit.


The first Fords to be fitted with batteries came into production in 1915, however, the batteries powered the interior lights (as opposed to gas or acetylene), the electric starter first came about in 1919.


Regular battery maintenance is vital to the smooth running of any car. Most car batteries have an optimal life of 4 – 6 years. After this they will continue working, but will be more susceptible to failure, running down and not recharging properly. You may not notice any problems when your battery is old, but that doesn’t mean it won’t fail when the weather gets too cold or when you need to power lighting, music, the air conditioning or heaters without the engine running.


Maintaining your battery consists of checking that it is supplying 12.5 volts. If it is lower and it won’t take a charge, then you may need to add more distilled water. However, if you’re using a modern ‘low maintenance’ battery you may not see any filler caps where you would replace the water. If your battery is low maintenance and it isn’t operating correctly, it is time to replace the battery itself.


Replacing the battery is a simple operation that can be carried out by anybody with a spanner and the correct replacement battery. Simply disconnect the terminals, remove the old battery and install the new one. Tighten the cables to the correct terminals and the engine should fire up first time, giving you up to six more years happy motoring. 


Interesting facts about Ford cars

  • In August 2012 Ford celebrated manufacturing its 350 millionth vehicle. That's now over 350 million Ford batteries. Wow!
  • Ford's famous GT40 won the Le Mans 24 hour race 4 times in the 1960s... even though it was only 40 inches high
  • Henry Ford invented the first moving conveyor belt system for car production, apparently inspired by the efficiency of slaughterhouses
  • Ford has made more than 4.4 million Thunderbirds, the infamous 'T-Bird'
  • In 1916, 55% of the cars on the road in the USA were Model T Fords
  • At first the Model T really was "available in any colour ... so long as it's black"
  • The Mustang I Prototype was first showcased in autumn 1962 at New York's Watkins Glen racetrack
  • A whopping 22,000 Ford Mustangs sold on the first day the car went public
  • The first Fords to make a big impact on British motor culture were the Cortina and the Capri, used by The Professionals in the hit '70s crime series
  • Ford's Dagenham plant was part-powered by 2000 tonnes of London's rubbish a week until 1939

To find out more fun facts about Ford cars, check out their website!

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