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The Audi A3 has been a popular car with the smaller car market since 1996. Audi has always had a reputation for making superior quality cars but before the introduction of the A3, they were always larger, so the introduction of a small family/city car was their first foray into the compact car class.


Initially available only as a three door hatchback in order to present a sports profile it was designed to compete with the VW Golf. It came in two an d four wheel drive options and was Audi’s second model to feature five valves per cylinder. In 1999 Audi introduced more powerful versions of the A3 with both turbo petrol driven engines and unit injector “Pumpe Duce” technology in the diesel engine.


Other cosmetic changes came in 2000 when the headlight and taillight arrays were revised and interior improved. Another improvement was the introduction of a six speed gearbox in manual versions and, in some markets, an electronic stability and traction control computer was introduced. This computer included an brake force distribution programme which improved handling and braking.


In 2003 the second generation of A3 was released. This iteration was originally designed as a three door hatch, the line was increased to include two sports models, these being the 2l turbo and a 3.2l VR6 powered model. In June 2004 the A3 Sportback model was introduced which is 8cm longer and included increased interior space, greater luggage capacity and was the first of the A3s to have 5 doors. A two door convertible option also came to market


In 2012 the third generation A3 was introduced. Available as a three door hatchback, a five door ‘sportsback’, a four door saloon and a two door cabriolet.


Besides tyres, it’s vitally important that your Audi A3’s battery is fully charged and well maintained.  A car battery serves several purposes, however, powering the car while it is running isn’t one of them. Instead, the battery needs to be able to supply a large burst of electricity to the motor and the car’s electrics when you start the car up. After that, it’s the job of the alternator to supply power to the spark plugs, lights, air conditioning, heater, et cetera.


A car battery will have a limited lifespan. The optimal life for a car battery is between four and six years, however, your battery could last much longer, but old batteries become increasingly unreliable with every year that passes. A dead battery is incredibly inconvenient. If your car won’t start at home it’s a pain. If your car won’t stops and can’t be started while you’re on the road then your dead battery is a real problem. 


Going on long journeys will keep you battery charged while short journeys are likely to drain more power from your car battery than they replace. While it’s not practical to go for a long drive just to keep your battery fully charged, there are other things that you can do that will reduce the amount of power that your battery needs.


Turn off the elelctrics when you can

While the alternator powers the electrics while the car is running, it only produces so much energy. Having all the electrics on while you drive means that there won’t be enough energy supply to fully charge the car battery fully.


Equally, don’t put unnecessary electric devices on when the car isn’t running. A car battery is designed to supply a huge jolt of power to the engine on ignition; it isn’t made to run draining utilities for a long time. If you intend to sit in the car for a long time without putting the motor on, try not to have the lights, music and heater on while you charge your phone or you may well find that when you need to go, your car won’t start. 

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