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Many would argue that it’s impossible to find a high quality, yet cheap car battery. Well, we at Car Batteries UK aim to give you the best batteries at prices that’ll really get you revved up. With a large range of batteries suited to all major models and manufacturers, we can guarantee that we are likely stock for your car, but wait, there’s more! With every new car battery you purchase from us, we offer FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY and complimentary online guides and tutorials on how to change a car battery, to help you through the process of your car battery replacement making it easier and quicker than ever to install your car battery!

We sell three different battery brands suitable for each and every manufacturer and model you could ever think of. These batteries are Varta branded batteries (see more about Varta batteries here), Power-Plus, and Ultimate, in which both of the latter come with extra bonuses exclusive to their package, and all of these offers are listed on the Battery Brands page.

Using our handy finder on the homepage, you’ll find that ordering with us is one of the simplest methods you’ve ever experienced. Just click on your manufacturer, whether it’s a BMW car battery you’re after or a Ford car battery. You then select from the available models, so Ford owners may want a Ford Focus car battery, or those who own a Honda may be looking for a Honda Civic car battery, and from there you’re given all of the premium options available for your replacement car battery, at gobsmacking prices! Finding car batteries online has never been so satisfying!

For those who cannot see their model or manufacturer online, fear not as our CBUK Team is always available for queries! So feel free to contact us using our online form, or call us on 01903 331 801.

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While you’re at it, why not take a look at our Car Batteries UK blog? We cover a whole range of topics, like useful hints and tips, for example how to extend your car battery life and how to recycle a car battery once you’ve bought a new one from us. We even have loads of car related news updates and give you the latest in the world of cars.

To access our video tutorials, or downloadable guides to help install your car battery, you can find all information on the manufacturer page of your model or on our support page. These guides are free to download and are also available for viewing on all major smartphones and tablets to take around with you at any time, aren’t we feeling generous?

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